Nara Horyuji
Koitsu Tsuchiya
Koitsu's portrayal of unusual weather and light conditions are both seen in this view of the pagoda at the ancient temple of Horyuji in Nara, Japan's ancient capital.  Evening is coming on, with the setting sun lighting the horizon and providing the opportunity for a masterful gradation of sky color from pinkish white at the horizon to blackish blue above.  Gnarled pines frame the scene from both sides, as a woman and child, in kimono with traditional paper umbrellas, walk toward a temple building; a classic stone lantern is in the foreground.  Everything about the print suggests endings: of the day, of clear weather, and of Nara as Japan's capital.
Image approximately 10" x 15 1/2" on 11 1/4" x 16 5/8" sheet, in near-perfect condition with top border slightly wider at left, two register holds in left corners.  Printed signature in image with two seals at lower right, title and original date of June, Showa 13, (1938) in lower right margin; a later printing from the original blocks.
$285 postpaid and insured to US addresses.

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