Framing to 
Preservation Standards


All framed prints and textiles in our web shop were framed by us to preservation standards.  

Materials used include 100% rag mat board or  mat board with an acid-free colored surface and a 100% rag body.  Where foam board has been used, which is rarely, it is acid-free or has an alkaline surface; behind the 100% rag mounting boards is more rag board used a fill, or white acid-free corrugated board.  

Mounting is done with either Japanese mulberry paper hinges affixed with rice-starch paste, reversible in water, or archival polyester mounting corners, which allow prints to be mounted without attaching anything to them.

Window mats are hinged to mounting boards with acid-free linen tape.  The backs of the frames are sealed with black paper as a dust cover, and clear bumpers are attached to hold the frame slightly away from the wall, so that air can circulate and dust will not accumulate.  Two picture hangers of an appropriate size are sent with every framed print or textile, for stable hanging.

If you have questions about 
preservation standards in framing,
please e-mail us.


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